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Sketches (traditional)
~beautiful sketchy lines all over~
Head shot: 40Points 
Half body: 50Points 
Full body: 60Points 
Line art (traditional)
~Plain and clean lines done in either pen or pencil~
head shot: 45Points 
half body:55Points 
Full body: 65Points 
Ink art (traditional)
~Mesmerizing black pen creates a black and white wonderland just for you~
Head shot:200Points 
Half body:220Points 
Full body:250Points 
Splash of color(traditional)
~Regular grey pencil drawings made interesting with just a splash of color~
Head shot:55Points 
Half body:65Points 
Full body:75Points 
Pencils only (traditional)
~Good old pencils. Pink, green, blue, yellow... any color you like but only pencils~
Head shot:75Points 
Half body:85Points 
Full body:95Points 
Kill or be Killed by EeveeRosee
Pen and pencils (traditional)
~Pencils with the aid of a black pen for more pop~
Head shot:80Points 
Half body:90Points 
Full body: 100Points 
Falling faster by EeveeRosee
Markers (traditional)
~Much more colorful but less detail than the other options~
Head shot:70Points 
Half body:80Points 
Full body: 90Points 

Digital art
~Just look at those eyes~
Head shot:245Points 
Half body:255Points 
Full body:265Points 
Digital light shading
~A little more complex with a little more effort~
Head shot:255Points 
Half body:265Points 
Full body:275Points 
Digital faded lines
~Get rid of those bulky black lines and replace them with softer faded lines~
Head shot:265Points 
Half body:275Points 
Full body:285Points 
Chibi (Digital)
~So kawaii~

Mini chibi (taditional) (1 and 1/4th inches tall)
~The smaller the cuter~

Background + 10Points 
Extra character + half of price (for each one added)

Rules and Rights:
I have the right to refuse any commission.
You must pay before i will start the commission.
If you still haven't paid after 3 weeks of me accepting your commission then your commission request will expire and no longer be valid.
I will email or note you the commission if you ask.
If it is a commission in the traditional catagory I WILL physically mail you the commission IF you pay for mailing
You have the right to request slight changes to a finished piece (for coloring, marking, and off character mistakes) as long as....
It doesn't require creating a whole new piece...
It wasn't a piece in the traditional catagory which i deem unfixable lest i ruin the overall drawing.

I will NOT draw or write:
Sonic characters,
bad language,
extreme gore/violence,
two characters kissing, (sorry. Hugs allowed though)
sexual themes,
or Nudity.
How To Commission Me:
Note me this info in this order: (make sure i accept before paying)
Which commission you want. (ex. Traditional chibi ....)
A link to a visual reference for the character(s) you want me to use. (multiple are accepted but no more than 3 per char please)
Name of Character(s)
Gender of character(s) (If not given in visual or written description)
The personality of your character(s) (No restrictions here. Go crazy)

A written description of the character(s) (no more than 5 sentences per char please) (this can be optional or instead of the visual reference)
Bio of Character(s) (not too terribly long please unless nessesary)
A specific scene/ moment in Character's life
Mood of character (ex. sad, mad, happy, bleh, ect...)

Commissions may take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month to complete

Types of payments available:
DA points

I have the right to the artwork and literature i create. I can use them for whatever i want as long as i don't claim any O.c(s) in said work as mine.
You may use your commission for anything except making profit. If you wish to put your commission (excluding the literature catagory) into a book or something similar which you want to publish then you may (with proper credit and my permission first) do so.
Give credit when used! Remember the character(s) may be yours but the artwork is still mine so make sure you don't also claim the artwork.
Those who do not give credit are stealing.
To give credit you MUST mention my name as the artist/writer (EeveeRosee, or Sierra Rose J will do). I would also appreciate a link to my DA but that isn't required. 

Thank you <3
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